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About Liz

My RSPCA rescue cat, Muffin, and I.

Liz and her RSPCA rescue cat, Muffin

I’ve been painting for over thirteen years and while I enjoy creating landscapes and still life, it’s painting animals that lies closest to my heart. The intelligence and personality that shine out of the eyes of our pets is, for me, the most important and interesting part of pet portraiture. Often, it’s the light and expression created in the eyes that go on to govern the whole picture. This is where my enthusiasm lies.

I’ve had animals since I was a small girl; so many wonderful breeds have shared my home over the years, right up to my beloved black Labrador, Mac, who died in 2016 just a week before his thirteenth birthday.

When Mac died, it left a huge hole. I’m quite deaf and he was my hearing dog, as well as my companion and best friend. The routine of his walks took a long time to get out of my system and, to this day, whenever I see a black lab it’s an emotional moment.

I adopted Muffin, a Ragdoll cat, through the RSPCA in 2012 after her owner was prohibited by the Courts from keeping animals. Muffin was bereft when Mac died four years later and I bought a resin black lab to go in the garden and hung his collar on it. Muffin still sits next to it when out in the garden and seems to ‘nose him’ as if they are chatting.

Pets are lifelong companions, part of the family who know when you are happy or sad. They are always pleased to see you and never hold a grudge!

With my art, it’s this understanding that I bring to the easel. I would love to create a picture that moves you and brings pleasure to your home and life. Tell me how you want their likeness to be reproduced and I will do my utmost to create exactly that, especially for you.

“With pet portraiture generally, it’s the eyes of a drawing that capture the real soul of an animal; getting this aspect right is everything to me.” Liz

In the heart of Suffolk

Suffolk has been my home since the 70s, it’s a beautiful part of England and a source of constant inspiration for me. Animals are everywhere! Both livestock and working animals as it’s a centre of farming and agriculture. Happily, for me, this means there’s always one way or another to be around our four-legged friends. On the heathland of the village where I live, there are always dogs of all shapes and sizes out taking their owners for a walk.

These are some of my landscapes of the Suffolk area.